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- Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle - Diet "Minus sixty" Catherine Mirimanova

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Diet "Minus sixty" was created by Catherine Mirimanova, known as an author of books about losing weight. For eighteen months Mirimanova reduced his weight from one hundred twenty to sixty pounds, do not use any operational methods. The main benefit of this diet is that no specific products are not prohibited and the person does not experience stress at a sharp change of diet.

1. The main tenets of the diet "minus sixty" The day should have three main meals. Possible in-between-meal snacking light vegetable or fruit food in small quantities. This diet allows the consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol. It is recommended to use white sugar instead of brown or fructose, because these sugars more nutrients and are better recycled. Of alcohol is best to choose a dry wine. should not give up breakfast. If you would not eat in the morning, breakfast can be reduced to a sandwich with cheese. Sweets allowed to use up to twelve hours of the day. It is advisable to gradually move from the fat of milk chocolate to the more useful bitter. Such a process should be carried out and the bread, slowly moving from wheat to rye. Better is just completely give up any of bread. Up to twelve hours of the day you can eat anything you want and even in any amount, as at the highest peak of activity of the organism, and it burns almost everything. In addition, during this period of time is usually not affected, "wolf" appetite. As garnish preferably wholegrain cereals: buckwheat, barley or rice . Best of all, of course, brown rice, as it a lot of useful components to the taste of it is no different from the usual white. But the pasta and potatoes should be gradually forced out of the diet. Side dishes can be steamed, roasted or boiled. It is advisable to give up fried foods. In the event that does not have the strength, you should stop using the cream and mayonnaise. should not be in one meal is meat and potatoes. Supper should be administered to eighteen hours. This is a very important condition. But in some cases, you can work around it. Then for dinner should eat something very useful, such as yogurt or salad. Gradually, the body adapts to the fact that after six he gets food and nightly snacks recede into the past. When diet "Minus sixty" does not have to force yourself to drink more than required by the body itself. In addition, the amount of water you drink has no effect on the number of pounds gone. In this regard, the author considers useless use several liters of water per day. Regarding salt can advise stick to a healthy middle: a complete rejection of it will not help to lose weight quickly, and slow down the output peresalivanie water from tissues. should not conduct hungry days, as it provokes stress and inhibits normal fault kilograms.

2. Physical exercise in the case along with the implementation of recommendations for nutrition not engage in physical exercise, diet will do no good. Physical activity should be clearly assigned and well-designed. need every day to do morning exercises at home and, in addition, to go to the swimming pool, aerobics or the gym under the guidance of a coach, as well as practice activities: cycling, skating. In the event that the daily activities too distressing, is allowed to reduce the multiplicity of training. However, the body should be taught continuously, daily, albeit brief exercise. In this work should not be carried very heavy and cause negative emotions. Should strive to prolonged training, preventing fatigue.

3. Skin Care Because the first pounds away quite active, be very careful to take care of your skin. Special attention must be paid to the skin while reducing weight after giving birth , and women after the age of forty, when the elasticity of the skin decreases dramatically. Should apply specially designed ready means to care for the skin. You can do massage on their own. If you spend all the activities in the home, this is enough to prevent sagging skin.

4. Psychological work for passing a diet, you must first carry out psychological training. In a lot of cases, only a strong desire to lose weight leads to success. Diet Catherine Mirimanova "Minus sixty" - is not a system of prohibitions, and the opportunity to eliminate the extra pounds. Diet should be seen as the natural course of life, and should not cause stress or dissatisfaction. Since almost no one fails to avoid overeating, do not treat them tragically and then arrange fasting days. Need to analyze the factors leading to overeating, and try to avoid them in the future. It may be necessary in the earlier hours to eat more.

5. Methods of power allowed for any of this diet you can stick as many times. Initially diet will lead to the fact that the weight will fall off, and then he would stand still and do not increase. Thus, the diet can be used as a power supply circuit to the end.

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